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Divorce is always complex, especially in complicated situations where each party lives in different states or has children with partners across state lines. Each state has specific divorce laws, and residency requirements in each state can cause both parties to file independently. Finding a divorce lawyer with the skill to take on these complex cases is imperative to start the divorce process.

The legal team at Stange Law Firm, PC, has extensive experience with divorce cases, including those across state lines. We understand that every multi-state divorce is unique, and we take a personal approach to ensure each client gets the legal support they need. For those in Chicago, our team can help support your family during these tense proceedings.

Our local divorce and family law office in Rolling Meadows, Illinois in Chicago is ready to assist you with your case and help you get back on your feet. Our legal team there focuses their practice in local divorce law, making the process of filing, discussing, and settling a divorce much easier. Contacting our legal team will ensure that those in Illinois get the proper legal support they need to start a divorce case. We can compile the presented evidence to better understand your relationship, helping us get a better sense of what procedures will be best for your situation.

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Our Family Law And Divorce Services in Chicago, Illinois and Cook County

The range of our family law cases includes:

Chicago Family Law Attorneys
Family law covers various topics, from adoption to divorce, and our team at Stange Law Firm, PC, can help.
Chicago Divorce Lawyers
For a successful divorce settlement, our team can provide the legal help necessary for these filings.
Chicago Order Modification Attorneys
From child support to spousal support, modification of these court orders requires experienced legal counsel to properly assess and apply for.
Chicago Child Custody Attorneys
Child custody proceedings can be hard for parents and children alike. The support of a legal team like ours can help make these situations easier for you and your children.
Chicago Child Paternity Lawyers
Sometimes, the father of a child is unknown. With the help of Stange Law Firm, PC, we can aid in helping couples determine paternity.
Chicago Paternal Rights Lawyers
Fathers have the same legal rights over any shared children as mothers do. Stange Law Firm, PC is here to support fathers exercising these rights.
Chicago Child Support Attorneys
Child support arrangements are a large part of family law proceedings, and our firm can help our clients establish these arrangements.

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How Our Divorce Blog Can Help You

Sometimes, specific questions about aspects of family law cannot be answered with a description of the service. We provide our prospective clients with an extensive Chicago divorce blog that helps address these questions. Our posts are all about different aspects of family law, highlighting the various elements of different proceedings and how they interact.

Our blog content aims to give clients a more in-depth understanding of specific family law concepts to better prepare them for their cases. We provide blog topics related to Chicago family law issues but also present information for other states to allow those in surrounding areas to find the same information. Because of how wide our location areas are, we aim to help our clients in all states, especially for those in situations that include multi-state court proceedings or divorce filings. For example, couples going through a gray divorce or a divorce that happens later in life may want more information on how their age will affect their divorce proceedings. Providing this information to clients allows them to feel confident in our ability to understand more complex cases while supplying the information they need to answer questions about their cases.

When reading through our Chicago divorce blog, clients can recognize issues that seem relevant to their cases, allowing them to address these topics when meeting with our attorneys. While reading through our blog, if any information or topic stands out that seems to grab your attention or seems relevant to your case, schedule a consultation with our Chicago team today.

We are reachable both by phone and through our website, which lists our practice areas and more blog topics to explore. For more information on our overall firm, including any other locations we serve, specific members of our team, or information on our firm itself, visit our main website and contact us today.